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The Angry Birds money train is rolling, and it’s rolling fast. One and a half years after its release, “Angry Birds 2” is still in the Top 100 grossing apps for both Android and iOS. “The Angry Birds Movie” has a box office of nearly $350 million, which is five times its budget. And Rovio continues to dish out Angry Birds spin-offs every few months.

The latest one is called “Angry Birds Blast” and it’s a rather generic balloon popping game. The gameplay is just like that of most other games of the genre. Tap clusters of balloons with the same color to pop them. You have limited moves per level and a set goal. For example, the game could ask you to pop 20 red balloons in 10 moves, or transport four eggs to the top of the game board.

To free the Birds, players will need to make matches of two or more same-colored balloons. Unlike the more common Bejeweled-style of match-3 we saw in Angry Birds Fight!, Blast uses bunch matching à la the Collapse! series, where tiles are only removed when you tap them and any like-colored tiles that are touching the group will be removed. This allows for very large matches in a single turn but also greatly reduces the opportunity for chains, since tiles don’t disappear automatically when lined up in a row.

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To help make up for this, Rovio has included “super angry” Birds that will torpedo out of their prison and pop another random balloon once freed. There are also a number of powerful boosters that will appear when you collect larger batches of balloons—such as the 5-match Rocket or the 9-match Laser Gun—which have unique blast radii to help you snag tricky singular balloons. If two of these boosters end up side-by-side, the resulting explosion is massive in scope and usefulness. The result is still not quite as satisfying as a lengthy Bejeweled chain that just keeps going, but it’s still rewarding to see all the balloons burst at once.

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When you do manage to eke out a victory, however, and balloons are popping, Birds flying, and Pigs falling over, Angry Birds Blast is true to its name. It has much of the Pig-bashing and Bird-saving excitement we look for in our Angry Birds games, wrapped in the joy of puzzle-matching with dynamic power-ups. Although it sometimes feels too generic and like it missed out on some Angry Birds-specific thematic opportunities, we still consider this yet another bullet on the Birds’ long list of successful avian excursions and human diversions.

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